Are you a photographer using multiple sites for presenting your work? Do you find updating all your profiles tedious? I certainly do, so in my digging through the 'net, I found excellent tool for that.

Enter IFTTT - short for If This Than That. IFTTT is nifty tool that helps you pipe output from one source to another, and that's exactly what I need. I primarily use Flickr for showing my photos, but I also use 500px, Tumblr and Twitter, and I would like to keep them all updated. This is where IFTTT jumps in - it isn't able to update every service possible, but it helps a lot by keeping at least some of them in sync.

IFTTT uses concept of "recipes" - scripts that do some work. Each script has two "channels" - trigger channel with its "trigger" (source), and action channel with its "action" (destination). Source gets triggered whenever its condition is met, and fires the destination action - basically, you're plugging source channel into destination channel. In my case, I wanted to keep my 500px account synced with Flickr. So I created a recipe with Flickr channel as a source, with "Any new public photo" trigger that gets fired every time I upload public photo to my photostream. I used 500px channel as destination, that has only one available action - "Upload photo from URL" - to pipe my fresh Flickr uploads to 500px.

For quickly jumping into the stream, you can use following recipes instantly: Flickr uploads to 500px, or the other way around, 500px uploads to Flickr:

IFTTT Recipe: Flickr Uploads to 500px connects flickr to 500pxIFTTT Recipe: 500px uploads to Flickr. connects 500px to flickr

For more sources and destinations, you can easily add your own recipes, or you can use one of following: Flickr uploads to Facebook, and 500px uploads to Facebook:

IFTTT Recipe: Flickr uploads to Facebook. connects flickr to facebookIFTTT Recipe: 500px uploads fo Facebook. connects 500px to facebook

That's all for now, more recipes coming soon.