Forest no more, August 2015.


Waterfalls at Mrežnica, late August 2015.


First roll of film in Pentax 645


Infra-red summer 2015.


First roll with Canon AE-1


Forest no more, late June 2015.


In the vineyard, June 2015.


First roll with freshly revived Pentax MX


Random photos with SP-F. May 2015.


Macro world, digital. June 2016.


Trip to Birmingham, UK. May 2015.


First roll of film in Pentax SFXn


Urban landscapes, 2015. Digital.


From the top of the skyscraper


Morning and dusk, February 2015.


Cleared forests, January 2015. edition


On the road. January 2015.


First day of 2015 at Bundek lake


Early morning walk on Sava river bank.


Early mornings in December