Sunny city, 16th February 2017.


Forest no more, from the smartphone. February 2017.


Frosted vineyards in Rečki Gaj, Christmas 2016.


Quick walk through neighborhood with Pentax Spotmatic F. Late November 2016.


Driving at night, mid-November 2016.


A walk through Maksimir park with digital camera. Late August 2016.


A walk through Maksimir park on a film. Late August 2016.


First roll of film with Minolta MD zooms - 24-35/3.5 and 70-210/4.


Trip to Kamačnik canyon, the film part. Late May 2016.


Gović forest, or remains of it. Easter 2016.


Christmas day, 2015.


Foggy day in neighborhood, on Paradies 200 film. Late December 2016.


First roll of Agfa APX400 film.


Marshalling yard, Zagreb, late December 2015.


First roll of film with smc Pentax-FA 28-70mm F4 lens.


Fog, early December 2015.


A trip to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, 2015.


Dubai International Motor Show 2015.


Dubai 2015, digital edition.


Foggy Sunday, October 2015.