Gdańsk - Sosnowiec




Gdańsk and Sosnowiec, Poland. Taken during road-trip in Poland, late May 2013.

Taken with Pentax MZ-S, on expired Ilford XP2 Super film. Mostly with Tamron SP Adaptall-2 51B 17mm f/3.5 lens, but other lenses weren't uncommon, too: Tamron Adaptall-2 01BB 24mm f/2.5, smc Pentax-M 35mm f/2.8 and smc Pentax-FA 50mm f/1.4.

Brama Straganiarska (Straganiarska Gate) and Stara Motłava river, seen from Sołdek museum-ship. Straganiarska Gate was built between 1481 - 1492.

Ventilation stacks on museum-ship Sołdek.

Kościół św. Jana w Gdańskuo9i (Church of St. John in Gdansk) can be seen behind the first row of buildings. Church of St. John, gothic church, formerly a parish, located in the Main Town of Gdańsk, is the one of the most valuable monuments of the city.

Lifeboat on museum-ship Sołdek and Straganiarska Gate in the background.

Upper deck on museum-ship Sołdek.

SS Sołdek was a Polish coal and ore freighter. She was the first ship built in Poland after World War II and the first seagoing ship completed in Poland.