InMusic 2011.

InMusic Festival, 2011.

To Westerplatte!

Trip to Westerplatte, Gdańsk, Summer 2013.

Analog experiments: crosshairs!

Crosshair mask and Pentax MX, Summer 2014.

Introduction: Nikon F801 (5 new items)

Testing-out Nikon F801, August 2014.

Introduction: Pentax PZ-1 (3 new items)

First roll of film with Pentax PZ-1

Through the Poland, Instagram edition

Road trip through Poland, June 2013.

Zagreb Eye

A view from Zagreb Eye, September 2014.

Random snaps: September 2014.

Random snaps, September 2014.

Happy New Year, 2015 edition

First day of 2015 at Bundek lake

New Year's Eve morning walk

Early morning walk on Sava river bank.

Looking for a lake: Panasonic GF1

A quest for a lake, last Sunday in August 2014. Panasonic GF1 + G 14/2.5.