May weather, 2009.

A roll of long gone DM Paradies 100, May 2009.

A roll of Efke KB25, early 2014.

My first roll of Efke KB25 film, early 2014.

Cameras and lenses

Showcase of cameras and lenses

In the countryside, April 2017.

Vineyards and hills in the countryside, early April 2017.

Nice weather, late May 2017.

Nice weather in Jastrebarsko, late May 2017.

City in September, 2017.

Novi Zagreb neighborhoods in early September 2017.

Expired film bokeh, October 2017.

Let's see what we'll get with grossly expired slide film, October 2017.

Lazy mountaneering, October 2017.

Quick trip to Japetić mountain lodge, early October 2017.

Moody weather walk, November 2017.

Jastrebarsko and neighborhood walk, mid-November 2017.

Night at the construction area

One night at the construction area, August 2012.

Pentax MX with lenses (17 new items)

Pentax MX with a lot of lenses!

Pentax MX with lenses

Pentax MX with a lot of lenses!

Fog-veiled night, February 2018.

Fog-veiled neighborhoor, early Febrouary 2018.

Sunny Sunday, February 2018.

Sunny Sunday walk, February 2018.

Frosted day, Christmas 2016.

Frosted vineyards in Rečki Gaj, Christmas 2016.

Trip to Žumberak, 2017.

Trip to Žumberak area, November 2017.