InMusic 2011.

InMusic Festival, 2011.

To Westerplatte!

Trip to Westerplatte, Gdańsk, Summer 2013.

Analog experiments: crosshairs!

Crosshair mask and Pentax MX, Summer 2014.

Introduction: Nikon F801 (5 new items)

Testing-out Nikon F801, August 2014.

Introduction: Pentax PZ-1 (3 new items)

First roll of film with Pentax PZ-1

Through the Poland, Instagram edition

Road trip through Poland, June 2013.

Zagreb Eye

A view from Zagreb Eye, September 2014.

Random snaps: September 2014.

Random snaps, September 2014.

Happy New Year, 2015 edition

First day of 2015 at Bundek lake

New Year's Eve morning walk

Early morning walk on Sava river bank.