Introduction: Pentax 645

First roll of film in Pentax 645

Forest no more, August 2015.

Forest no more, August 2015.

Showcase: Minolta SR-T 101

Minolta SR-T 101 with various lenses.

Forest no more, June 2015.

Forest no more, late June 2015.

Vineyard, June 2015.

In the vineyard, June 2015.

Dubai 2013. (11 new items)

Dubai 2013, digital edition

Lightroom, Windows 10 and "Unexpected error opening catalog"

If you are using Adobe Lightroom 5 and have recently upgraded to Windows 10 (as 25 million people did), you may have seen this dreaded message while opening Lightroom, saying it can't open its catalog due to "unexpected error".


Pano-Summer 2014.

Panoramic Summer 2014.

Autumn 2014.

September - October 2014.

December 2014. (3 new items)

Early mornings in December

Introduction: Pentax SFXn

First roll of film in Pentax SFXn

Introduction: Pentax MX (2 new items)

First roll with freshly revived Pentax MX