Aeromeeting Stubica 2014.

Aeromeeting in Stubica, May 2014.

Dubai on film: Agfachrome RSX 200

Dubai impression on a expired slide film, medium format.

Ptuj and Maribor, late 2012.

Ptuj and Maribor, Slovenia, October 2012.

December in fog

December's fogs

Hrvoje's wedding (5 new items)

A friend's wedding, 2013.

Random shots

A few random shots

Iced trees

Trees covered in ice

Autumn days, 2010; part one

Everybody loves fast tele.

September 2013.

Late summer, 2013.

Reseau plate

Reseau plate experiment

Verona, May 2013. (19 new items)

jsDay and phpDay conferences in Verona, Italy, 2013.

Gdańsk - Sosnowiec, summer 2013.

Gdańsk and Sosnowiec, May 2013.

Dubai on a film: Paradies Dia 100

Dubai impression on a slide film, 35mm, first roll.

First roll of APS film

A roll of expired APS film

Hrvoje's wedding

A friend's wedding, 2013.